Fully managed investment portfolios

With our unique strategies, we can earn the biggest returns, while minimizing the risk. You don’t have to do anything, because we will do everything for you.



Stable investment, perfect for long term.


Asset allocation

70% Bonds, 25% Equities, 5% Day-Trade ETF-s


Perfect combination of different assets ensures stable growth and minimizes the risk. 5% of the assets will be traded daily by our experts. Daily trades includes mostly currencies and commodities. 5% of assets may seem small, but this is the secret key of big returns with low risks.



Most Popular Plan


Asset allocation

75% Equities, 25% Day-Trade ETF-s


Top equities selected carefully by our experts will ensure big profit, every month. This plan has bigger risk than basic, but it’s totally worth it. Perfect plan for 1-3 year investment. 25% of the assets will be traded daily by our experts. Daily trades includes mostly currencies and commodities.



Daily trading in volatile markets may return huge profits


Asset allocation

85% Day-Trade ETF-s, 15% Equities


If you enjoy risks and adrenaline, then this is your plan. Daily trading with most volatile assets, may bring huge profits with small time. 15% will be held in reserve. This minimizes the losses. 85% of the assets will be traded daily by our experts. Daily trades includes mostly CFD and stock trades.



Investing in most promising startup companies.


Asset allocation

100% Startup Equities


Plan, where we choose most innovative and promising startups, to invest in. This gives you a chance to be one of the first investor in something huge. Startups may grow really big, which will multiply your assets with the smallest time. Perfect for small and long term investments.

Unique investing strategies

Our team of experts have developed special algorithms to analyze different assets from different perspectives. Every trade we make, is fully analyzed to minimize the risk and maximize profit.


Investment process made really easy. There’s no need to spend hours on searching the best stock to invest, because our experts will do it for you. With friendly and beautiful customer portal, managing your investment portfolio and funds are super easy and fast.


Your funds are always safe with us. Our web services use latest 256-bit SSL encryption, to ensure your safety. Our servers are DDoS-attack resistant, to make sure our website is always online and accessible to you.


We are fully managing your funds, but all our actions are visible to you. From customer portal, you can see exactly in which asset your money is and how well it performs. You can change and see everything from your account


We are here to grow your wealth, not ours. All trades we make and profits we earn, have really small fees, which will cover only our mandatory expenses. With us you earn more and save more.


Our services are accessible for everybody. Thanks to our partners, we can accept investments in 15 different currencies and with more than 20 different payment methods. No matter where you are, we can grow your wealth.


We have team full of professionals, and we have been wealth manager since the year 2000. Together, as united team, we have developed unique strategies to make your life easy and secure. You can trust us.


Years of successful investments


Million dollars invested


Million dollars profits earned


Satisfied clients since 2000

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