Lecil is private investments manager.

Lecil is founded on October, 2000. Over time, Lecil’s system has changed, and today we are private investments company, which manages client funds. We have made investing easy and hassle-free with our customer friendly interface and self-service. Our clients don’t need to worry about anything, because our team full of professionals will do everything for them. With 18 years of experience, we have developed unique investing strategies, which gives our clients stable and fast growth.


Edward Humffray

With some help, everything is achievable

There’s always someone with better skills, better car, better lifestyle. This is life, you can’t be the best at everything. Don’t waste your time and all your energy on becoming better than others, this is pointless. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. With small improvements every day, I have become a better version of myself, and I have achieved everything I ever hoped for. In Lecil, we are improving your life, every day. With our little help, you can achieve everything.


The beginning of Lecil

While companies started moving online, stock traders from NYC saw an new business opportunity.


New traders joined

The interest was big, and with unique trading tricks, Lecil went private. To keep the system working, no new clients were allowed to join.


Client platform for investing

To make the investing process and managing own funds faster and easier, new web system was developed specially for Lecil.


Lecil does all the work

Investing made super easy and hassle-free. Clients have to choose only the investing plan, and Lecil's experts do everything else.


New investment category

New team of experts, who specialize on analyzing business ideas. They make the best choice to gain profit fast.


New features with new design

Simple, and clear website and platform to invest easily. We added new investment categories, so everybody can find the perfect fit.